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Our Pie Menu

Hot Coffee Beverages

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Not only do we offer some of the best homemade, fresh + local pie (both sweet + savory), but we also offer freshly brewed coffee (pour over technique) and have teamed up with local valley roaster, Ron Cortez of Cortez Coffee Company based in Tempe. Cortez is one of the best roasters in the valley and we only wanted the best possible for our clientele.

Pies (Sweet + Savory)

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By all means, if you don't see something you'd like to order + devour, please let us know what you'd like + we would be more than happy to bake it for you.


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We offer a variety of other sweet goodies, such as chocolate eclairs, cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookie bars, chocolate mousse cups + muffins.

Iced Coffee Beverages

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Not only do we offer some of the best homemade, fresh local pie (both sweet + savory) + desserts, but we also offer freshly brewed coffee (pour over technique) and have teamed up with local valley roaster, Ron Cortez of Cortez Coffee Company based in Tempe. Cortez is one of the best roasters in the valley and we only wanted the best possible for our clientele.

Take Home Options

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As much as we'd love you to stay + enjoy your pie, coffee and/or tea here, we understand you've got places to go and things to do. Moreover, we offer two separate take home options: Enjoy your coffee at home and purchase a full pound of fresh whole coffee beans. Available for purchase is our cold brew (toddy) GROWLER -- fill it up, take it home and enjoy. When you've finally quenched your thirst, bring the GROWLER back and we'll give you a refill at a discounted price.

Personalized Customer Pies

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Essentially, we have two separate options where our customers can "fund a pie shop" or purchase a 6 or 12-month "pie of the month" club. You're welcome to read more about these in our "specials" header and/or donate. Thank you in advance!

Our Lovely Crew


Born in Casper, WY, but raised hell here in Phoenix, Tonya Saidi has an uncontrollable passion for desserts and has always wanted her own pie, dessert + coffee shop in downtown. For years now, Saidi has owned + operated her first location (the mobile Food Truck), but has since had the idea/concept of running a physical location, which is now come to fruition on Seventh Street.


Born in Chicago, IL, moved to Phoenix to attend Arizona Culinary Insitute. Jessica came to Mamma Toledo's to do her externship and stayed on as our " Lil Baker" ever since. She works extremely hard and aspires to have her very own bakery one day.


She is the youngest daughter of owner + baker, Tonya Saidi. Sarah helped to build this business from the very start. She works many of our festivals and farmers markets. Sarah has since moved on to obtain her diploma in high school, but will be helping at special events when needed.


Jordan is Tonya Saidi's daughter. She has superior customer service skills. Our clientele raves about her and constantly request her presence. She will be learning about coffee and working the front counter. Jordan has put her heart + soul into Mamma Toledos's, constantly working and assisting to build the business by baking + working farmers markets. She is an amazing asset to everyone here at Mamma Toledo's The Pie Hole.


Stella was born and raised in Phoenix. She has worked in the healthcare field for thirteen years. After hooking up with Mamma Toledo's last year, she realized her passion for pie and anything related to helping Mamma succeed. She rebuilt the engine on our '68 Chevy StepVan and continues to work on all our vehicles as trouble arises. She aspires to have her own mechanic shop someday in the near future.


Born in McHenry, Illinois, but moved to and raised in Phoenix at a young age. Erica was a stay at home mom for a year, before deciding it was time to head back to work. Erica took a chance by applying to Mamma Toledo's, as she had only ever baked for family and friends at home. And; BOOM! Here she is. Erica discovered her love for baking when she was 21, she loved baking cookies and was the go-to pie girl for the holidays with her family. She loves working the Front Counter/Baking/Coffee at The Pie Hole and all the different people she gets to meet on a daily basis.

Articles Written About Us

5 Best Places To Eat & Drink In Metro Phoenix This Week

Phoenix New Times · Lauren Saria · Aug. 25, 2014

Writer for the Phoenix New Times included this short write-up our our grand opening week and one of the five best places to eat and/or drink for the week of 8/25/14.

Pie Hole Bakery + Cafe Opens In Phoenix

The Arizona Republic | · Jennifer McClellan · Aug. 25, 2014

Writer Jennifer McClellan of the Arizona Republic |, wrote a nice piece on us to spark some interest in our current clientele + potential new customers. Thank you!

Mamma Toledo's The Pie Hole Will Open In New Downtown Phoenix Space

Phoenix New Times · Lauren Saria · July 30, 2014

PNT helps us out with some promotion as we work day and night to get the new Mamma Toledo's The Pie Hole up and running by mid to late August of this year (2014).

Segment on Channel 3

News Channel 3 -- · Channel 3 · April 14, 2014

News Channel 3 covered us live on television for a 2-3 minute segment. It was wonderful. Thank you for including us!

Pie How-To with Tonya Saidi

Phoenix New Times · Hayden Harrison · Nov. 11, 2013

A step-by-step guide from owner + baker Tonya Saidi on how to make her apple pie.

10 Best Restaurants for Take Out in Metro Phoenix

Phoenix New Times · Lauren Saria · Nov. 4, 2013

We made the top 10 list for takeout! Yipee!

Mamma Toledo Makes Egg Sandwiches With Horseradish Cheese

Phoenix New Times: Chow Bella Blog · Katie Johnson · Oct. 22, 2012

Phoenix New Times reporter + writer, Katie Johnson came to visit us at our home. We prepared and made her our amazing egg sandwiches -- which we make with horseradish cheese.

Top 15 Food Trucks in Phoenix Metro Area

The Arizona Republic | · Kalia White · July 23, 2012

The Arizona Republic | rolled out the Top 15 Food Trucks in the Phoenix metro area. We're honored to be named one of them.

Thank you to all of our continued supporters + customers -- we appreciate each and everyone of you.

Costco Connections: Forks in the Road

Costco · Costco Connections · July 1, 2012

We were featured in a food trucks across the country edition of Costco Connections. Of the thousdands of food trucks, we're happy they chose to add us for the monthly magazine.

Food truck festival showcases local eateries

State Press - Arizona State University · Julia Shumway · Oct. 23, 2011

Local food trucks came out together to offer the best local food truck eats + treats in the valley of the sun.

Events Here At Mamma Toledo's

Gilbert Classical Academy


Happy to be a small part of the Gilbert Classical Academy by offering our pies + desserts for those interested for purchase.

GO Arizona Motorcycles


We've teamed up with other popular food trucks and will be at Go Arizona Motorcycles to offer our delicious homemade pies + desserts starting at 10:30-1:30p.



SkySong, the innovative technology + design buildings off of Scottsdale + McDowell Road, will be having us drop in to offer our amazing pies + desserts. Be there if you're the area or work for anumber of companies in SkySong. We'll treat you well!



We'll be making a visit to Intel to offer our pies + desserts to Intel employees + others around the area.

Food Truck Friday


Food Truck Friday, created + organized by the Phoenix Food Street Coalition, has a number of popular food trucks available for your appetite, including us. We're there ready for your pie orders starting at 11am.

Main Questions Asked

Where did you get the name Mamma Toledo's from?

Years ago I was going to change my last name for the fun of it so my name would be Tonya Toledo. I felt that sounded too racy and wanted a name that sounded more nurturing and loving, so my children said they would call me Mamma Toledo.

It was then that I held on to that image of a wonderful, caring, nurturing Italian woman and thought who wouldn't want to buy pie from Mamma Toledo?

When did you start baking pie?

In 1996, I baked my first pie when I worked in a residenial care nursing home.

Did you attend Culinary School?

Nope. I always loved to bake. When I was younger, I always baked cookies, brownies and cakes, then eventually graduated to pies in my early twenties.

Overall, I've had years of experience reading and testing recipies (my own and various others) to determine what would make the best pies and represent Mamma Toledo's as a whole.

When did you decide you wanted to operate a food truck?

I was working in real estate and really wasn't happy with what I was doing for a living. I wanted people to smile and come back to see me and that wasn't happening.

Real estate can be a frustrating occupation and I had my fair share of angry customers. There were times where no matter how incredibly hard or late I stayed, someone was always upset about something in particular.

I figured I could get a route going like an ice cream truck, but sell homemade desserts. However, the Phoenix Food Truck scene started to take off, so I jumped in at the early stages.

So far, so good...

What model/year is your food truck?

A Chevy '68 StepVan

Where did you find/purchase your food truck?

On craigslist in downtown Glendale. I was the first owner to change it from a locksmith truck. I know, I'm special. :)

Which do you like more? The food truck or your brick and mortar location?

I love both, however, they have different challenges. At times, I love the truck (when it's not summer) because I can prepare for a certain number of people that are coming to events that show up for a few hours. I then proceed to sell out, clean up and go home. So, all in all, it works out quite well.

For our brick and mortar location, it's rather difficult to get an idea of daily to weekly traffic, but after our first six to eight months, we'll be more established and have a much better understanding of what to expect at that point in time.

What is your favorite pie to eat?

My favorite pie tends to fluctuate depending on my mood for the day, but quite honestly, I love them all. If I had to choose just one it would be raspberry creamcheese. I love the creamy cream cheese with the tangy raspberries with a traditional pie crust. It's out-of-this-world delicious.

What is your favorite pie to bake?

Key Lime. I love to watch the simple ingredients form such a beautiful andrefreshing dessert, not to mention, it's quite easy to prepare and bake.

Is it hard to work around desserts all day and not eat them?

Great question! Easy answer is YES. I have consumed more pies in the last four years than most humans eat in their entire lifetime.

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Art Gallery of Pies + More

Pie Central

23 Photos

There's art in pie -- oh yes, there's art in pie. Here's a full gallery of photographs we've taken recently of our amazing pies for you to devour. Our photographs will bring you in to purchase a pie or two or three. Oh yes, they most certainly will. It's a fact, jack! :)

Food Truck Friday + Event Photographs

9 Photos

We'll be uploading a number of photographs from Food Truck Friday + all other events we particpate in. Get excited for some cool Mamma Toledo imagery!

Interior + Other Things of That Nature

21 Photos

Here are some random/miscellaneous photographs taken of MTPH. Enjoy 'em!

Fund A Local Pie Shop

$450.00 Raised

Fund A Local Pie Shop 1. $25.00 Buy a brick to place in our patio out or front door with your name on it. 2. $50.00 create a flavor and we will add it to our menu and name it after you. Essentially, you get to choose a new pie flavor based on the ingredients we currently use. Sound cool? It is!

Pie of the Month Club

$600.00 Raised

6-month membership $100.00 12-month membership $200.00 Membership gets you a full size pie for each month. You will pick up pies on the second Tuesday of every month starting in January 1st, 2015. The pie flavors will be some or our traditional flavors and some new creations we will be coming out with. Members will be the first to try the new flavors.

Local First Arizona

Local First Arizona is based in the heart of Roosevelt Row, inside the Modified Arts building on Roosevelt Street. Local First does an amazing job at helping to put a staple on small business by connecting people and community together as a whole.

Phoenix Street Food Coalition

From their website, "The Phoenix Street Food Coalition is a group of specialty food vendors. This organization is dedicated to increasing awareness of innovative street food in the Phoenix metro area. Our mission is to provide education, advocacy, collaboration, events and promotion of specialty and locally-sourced foods through responsible street vending." - PSFC

Sarah Farms

Sarah Farms is family owned by the Hettinga family. Sarah Farms is named for Hein’s only daughter, GH dairy is named after Hein’s oldest son Gerben Hettinga. Our dairy heritage goes back to 1711 with ancestors in the Netherlands. We are seventh generation dairy producers.

Hickman's Family Farm

From owner Glenn Hickman: "Hickman’s Egg Ranch started in 1944. Our beginnings are owed to my grandmother, Nell Hickman. When the Hickman family settled in Glendale in 1944, my grandmother acquired a few hens so they could have fresh eggs for the family. She was from rural Kansas, and it was quite common for a housewife back there to maintain a small flock of chickens in order to produce a little extra money for the family."

Cortez Coffee Company

Cortez is an amazing roaster and considered one of the best in the entire state of Arizona. We're excited to partner with Cortez Coffee Company mainly because we think he knows coffee roasting + beans more than anyone else. Cortez is the ONLY choice in quality coffee + you can now get it here.

Tab Here

Tab Here was created locally here in Phoenix by coder/entrepreneur/computer master, Paul Kenjora. The idea behind TabHere is to incorporate a long listing of ongoing clientele by asking them to setup a TabHere account -- in which 10% is automatically deposited into their account at the time of sign-up. In addition, Mamma Toledo's adds another 10% onto a tab each and everytime a customer adds more money to their tab. It's a great tool to use mainly because it helps us get to know our clientele more and more each time they come in, especially what they generally like to order. We want people to come to Mamma Toledo's at all times -- this is just a simple and creative process in order to get them to return time and time again.