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About Mamma

Hi- I am Tonya Saidi, self taught Pie Baking Specialist of Mamma Toledo’s Pie and Homemade Desserts. I am forever grateful that my mother racked a diserprin, not only did it allow me to develop my great taste in desserts but in an odd-round about way it has helped me become the strong independent woman that I am today! THANK YOU MOM-I DEDICATE THIS BUSINESS TO YOU AND WISH YOU COULD BE HERE TO SEE ME NOW!

17 years ago I baked my first pie (raspberry) for the women at the Residential Care Home where I was working. I followed the recipe from a cook book my mother had left me. The Nurse that worked with me was so impressed by the quality of my crust and the exceptional flavor of the raspberry filling that her compliments of my baking ability filled me full of confidence right away and started the vision for Mamma Toledo’s. READ MORE

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What People are Saying

“Yum yum! My personal favorite was the strawberry rhubarb. The pumpkin was smooth and rich, and your mayan is now the family favorite. You have achieved legendary status with us! Thank you Stacy” – Stacy

“Deb brought us in some of your chocolate cupcakes with salted carmel frosting……..OMG!! I’ve can honestly say I’ve never tasted a better cupcake :)” – Bailey

“Love love love the raspberry cheesecake. So smooth so perfect. I never wanted it to end…” – May

“Chocolate Eclairs are to die for Tonya. Absolutely THE BEST!! The Raspberry Cream Pie is also YUMMY! Oh and the Banana Cream Pie……Stop already, everything is just incredible!” – Susan